Service Area Vestibule

SAV is able to directly connect to your ISO Container using standard twistlocks. Deploy the docking collar to produce a weather proof seal. Specify size between 7' to 40'. Options: Hydraulic lift, elevator for going vertical and hydraulic casters. Hydraulic casters allow you to roll and lift the SAV into place.
SAV is a modular approach to normal ISO container usage, stackability. Configured with elevator, interior ladder system and emergency exit/fire escape. Roof hatch option available. The ability to provide for access to multiple containers in confined areas. This is useful for deploying assets on-site in metropolitan locations. Small footprint next to facility or off-site emergency recovery.
SAV in 20 Ft. and 40Ft. sizes can be fabricated with multiple docking collars to provide a quick and weather resistant fast approach to accessing many containers.

If you are interested in a SAV or SAV modular system contact

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