Service Area Vestibule

Advanced Design Concepts, Inc., experienced in steel fabrication, is producing solutions intergrated in intermodal
containers. We are currently fabricating office and equipment solutions in shipping containers. We have designed
a container to connect shipping containers together the  Service Area Vestibule(SAV).    The SAV is designed as a
mobile or stationary solution providing a dry environment for access and service to your sensitive equipment. The
SAV directly connects to your container using standard  intermodal  container corner  block connectors.    The SAV
platform is modular and provides for stacking.  Containers stacked provide a smaller footprint and higher density.
Models are available in length from 7Ft. to 40Ft.    Stacking, in certain configurations, can be done to 5 containers
high.  Many systems are provided:  electric outlets,  lighting,  HVAC,  weather sealed doors and a patent pending
docking collar system.  Some optional systems are: hydraulic equipment lifts, elevators and hydraulic casters. We
custom fabricate the SAV.    Due to the sensitive nature of our SAV design, current patent pending, information is
limited on this site.  Current fabrication times are 60 to 90 days from time of deposit.

If you are interested in a SAV or SAV modular system contact              MORE >>